“Why Ad Tech Is the Worst Thing That Ever Happened to Advertising”

Consumers ignore most of the online ads they see. We're changing that.

Bixy combines rewards, ads and commerce into one platform and gives consumers control over ad targeting. We call this consumer-controlled approach "meCommerce."

This significantly improves your advertising ROI by building value and trust with your audience. Most people get at least a little creeped out by tracking...and it still doesn't get them to click on ads. Why not just help consumers see what they want? That's our approach.

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  • Drive revenue and loyalty through targeted, reward-based ads.

  • Reach the right audience with ads tailored to user interests and favorite brands.

  • View monthly PDF reports with measurable ROI and other key metrics.

  • Manage rewards and ads from your online dashboard.

  • Leverage Bixy account reps to manage your account as needed.



Grow your audience with deals on quality products.


Keep customers coming back & spending more per visit. Ditch the paper punch cards.


Keep customers coming back more often with upgrades from Loyalty to Royalty.

Ad Targeting

Improve your advertising ROI by reaching customers based on their actual interests.

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Pay As You Go

  • Coupons: $50/Bundle

    250 Coupons per Bundle

  • Loyalty: $50/Location

  • Boost: $50/Bundle

    10,000 Additional Views

  • Online Ads: $2 CPM

    Media not included