We are more than a Rewards App

Bixy is a meCommerce company.


Use coupons and loyalty rewards to save money on your favorite products.

Valuable Ads

Replace irrelevant online ads with personalized rewards and ads.


Easily make buying decisions for online and in-store purchases.


Shhhh.... top secret. Coming in 2018.


Shhhh.... top secret. Coming in 2018.


Shhhh.... top secret. Coming in 2019.

meCommerce Company

/mee-kom-ers kuhm-puh-nee/noun

1. A hub for your shopping preferences. 2. A tool that saves you time when making purchase decisions. 3. A rewards platform that saves you money on the products you buy. 4. A system that replaces bad online ads with personalized rewards and messages for products you actually want.

Our Core Belief

Consumers deserve control over the ads they see online. We’re going to see ads anyway; they should be helpful.


Our founder Kyle runs half marathons. He buys running shoes and apparel. He wants to see ads from brands that sell running gear, instead of the mostly irrelevant ads he sees today. If those ads occasionally saved him money, he’d buy more running gear, and be more informed about his options when he makes a purchase. Both Kyle and running apparel companies win.


Bixy wants consumers to get more value from online ads. Consumers would happily personalize ads in exchange for rewards. Personalized ads would help consumers and advertisers build mutually beneficial relationships.


  • Save you money.
  • Save you time.
  • Help you buy the "right" products for you.


Our core platform is live, and we will be adding many new features in 2018 and 2019. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay tuned and please download the Bixy app on iOS or Android.